- 2016 - 2020 -
Motion Graphics, Illustrations & Infographics
Many years drawing
and telling histories.
I often helped brands and companies tell their stories, explain a process, and share some insight. There, where an image says more than a thousand words, the crossover between art, design, and filmmaking got together to increase sales or to simplify complicated explanations.
Visual Designer
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator,
Animate, Premiere
RedLINES explanatory video
RedLINES is revolutionizing the way people share their contact information between devices. I created this explanatory video, worked on the illustrations, animations, and the final edit with the voice and music to help people understand the simple process.

Product description animation
For describing RedLINES, it was necessary to create an animated infographic that tells step by step the possible interactions, flow of the information, features, and App architecture.
Hoogste Technologies Icons and Animations
Hoogste is the solution between homeowners, general contractors, and subcontractors in the digital age. It provides a safe, secure, and convenient, time-saving platform for consumers to receive quotes according to their specifications and preferences.

My job was to create a couple of animations to add to its website to explain the app functionality from different kinds of users. I used some of the icons created for the platform UI into those animations to preserve consistency between assets.
Fig1. Some of the icons created for the Platform that I included in the animations.
Dunkin' Run Illustrations
Illustrations I created for this Dunkin' Donuts game. Based on DD real coffee cups, I worked on vector versions to integrate into the game, trees, flags, and hit effects.
I delivered the landscapes for the game and animated some for the advertising campaign and the game intro.

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